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ggemsh                                                 -Billboard-

gmarvelous and stunningh                     -Gramophone Japan-

gastonishingcit's hard to believe that she doesn't have an extra hand or twocincredibleca tour de forcecif you want to be wowed by some staggering piano playing, have a listen.h    
 gbrilliant...The luxurious and stately chords were there to generate glistening swirls of partials, which Ms. Okashiro was able to bring forward and sculpt, as if her hands had been inside the pianoh
gan appealing coloristh
                              - New York Times-

gI'm still innocent enough to sit in open-mouthed awe at something like Chitose Okashiro's consummate technical masteryh
gStay tuned to the idiomatic performances of Richter, Neuhaus, Okashiro, Fyodorova and Sofronitskyh
                                               - American Record Guide-

gfabulous - how many hands does she have?- h 
gdazzlingh gHer playing is always distinctive and quite extraordinary.h
                                                                  - Fanfare-

gshe is a pianist of phenomenal talentca formidable pianistcto my utter astonishment, I was completely bowled over by itcred-raw, blood-curdling musicianshipcbreathtaking performancec  sheer block-bustingcastonishingly audacioush
                                                                  -MusicWeb International, England-

gextremely wonderful performance -almost uncanny- cshe is no ordinary mortal as expectedcastonishingh                              -Usen Music, Japan-


gShe's so incredibly poetic, even in the terrifying fast pieces, that one can't help being bowled over...unreal...terrificcsurprising technical acumen and tasteful use of rubatocravishing.h
gYet one has to admit that they (Horowitz, and the grand Russian manner, Ashkenazy) - and most others - seem slightly unseasoned. Okashiro's distinguished readings vault to the top of current listings for their uncanny insight into the body and soul of Scriabin's complexity.h
                                               -In Tune-

git is one of the major assets for us to discover the recording of Chitose Okashirocstrikes me by her direction of the characterization and its density.h
gthe remarkably effective and powerful approachcshe spares no pains to accentuate contrasts and the creativity.h
                                   - Diapason, France-

gcompletely enthrallingcthe result is superb with expressive densitycthe emotion is unquestionably happening there for the artistfs color of the sound, dynamic dimension and fantastic accelerationscSimply listen to her mastery of the frenzied counter-melody in Scherzo movement;  it is astounding with delicacy and poetry!h  
                                                             - Classica, France- 

gdiscovery of a major pianisth           - Repertoire, France-

gan irreproachable interpretation of virtuosity and intelligenceh    
                                                           - Piano Magazine, France

ga marvelous interpreter and a grandioso technician figure as one only rarely gets to hearcoutstandingh                                        - Piano News, Germany

ga young artist of genius in the true sense of the wordh
g itfs so perfect that there is no space to complainh
gincredibly insightfulctruly extraordinarycdyed-in-the-wool Scriabin playerh 
                                           -Art of Record, Friend of Music, Japan-

gremarkable...Okashiro plays with unremitting intensity and virtuosity, producing showers of prismatic notes. At the end you think, eWow!f ....played with subtlety and gorgeous tonal effect.h
gYou canft listen to this gripping performance just once. Okashiro is a virtuoso in the best sense of the term.h
                                           -Boston Patriot Ledger-

glike having Franz Liszt stopping in to show the room full of notesh               
                                                                -Sunday Gazette-

gunusually colorful and richly varied readings...shade her sound in the manner of a Renoir pastelh                                            -CD Review of the Week-

gmagicalcthe most intelligent and stimulating piano recitals I have encounteredh                                           -Newbie's Guide To Classical CD



Rave Comments from Colleague

... Itfs a FABULOUS recording---and a fantastic feat as well!!! Usually one tends to say that eso-and-sof sounds like e2 pianosf ?but, in your case (Poem of Ecstasy) you sound like... one gigantic, magic instrument! (AND.. such devastating and alluring CLARITY..)  The smaller pieces are exquisite and Pethetique etude is not only unexpected but quite irresistible. .... stunning !!!

...talented, courageous and intelligent, Chitose Okashiro embodies the essence of the coming generation of keyboard redeemers:  a pianist who is true to her own Self and her Art...a young Pianist for the time being, indeed...but above all, a Pianist for all Seasons.
                                                          Michel Block, Pianist

...Since 1969,  I have worked with nearly every major classical pianist, and have listened to them on countless occasions. In that time, Martha Argerich,  Claudio Arrau, Olli Mustonen, Alexis Weissenberg, Krystian Zimerman, Ivo Pogorelich and Chitose Okashiro have impressed me most with their special pianistic skills. Miss Okashiro is my favorite pianist because she is a true musical poet...yet fame has alluded her until now. Therefore, my profound thrill is to have been able to recognize her greatness...a greatness which does not thrash about and kick and excite onefs visual senses...but a greatness which one appreciates amid silence and contemplation...by merely listening to her miraculous musical mind.
                                               Ricard de La Rosa, President, Pro Piano & Pro Piano Records

... Ifve been listening to the new Okashiro recording a lot because, quite simply, shefs brilliant!! I hesitate to make statement like this, but I think this may be the best recording of Scriabinfs music Ifve ever heard, including Marc-Andre Hamlinfs recording of Sonatas,
a recording and pianist I like very much.
                                              Steven I Cantor, Radio Station KOPB, Portland OR

... an impressive technical and intellectual coup of rare imaginative refinement... (this disc by itself) would be justification and vindication of the Pro Piano label; along with its already formidable catalogue of performers and repertoire, it is a stunning records addition to an important source of keyboard literature.
                                              Gary Lemco, Classical DisCDigest Magazine

... Bravo---- Chitose Okashirofs Scriabin CD reveals a refined sensitivity and touch in behalf of valuable and otherwise obscure music. The sound is lovely and her devotion is manifest.

...the thoughtfulness and poetry of her piano playing is decidedly unconventional and welcome
                                                   Russell Sherman, Pianist

...remarkable recording
...I have been particularly impressed by the recording of Chitose Okashiro. She possesses a great technique and a marvelous musicianship                   Cyprien Katsaris, Pianist

...it is a dazzler!                   J.M. Hadra, WFWM Radio, Maryland

...She is really quite stunning, as is the process!
                         Omus Hirshbein, Former Director, National Endowments for the Arts

...fabulous pianist
  ...Ms. Okashiro is a cracker jack pianist     John B Young, Critic, American Records Guide

...she is such a pianist                     Grant Johannessen, Pianist
...an excellent pianistic talent                                 Jon Kimura Parker, Pianist     
...her Schumann (Symphonic Etudes), have many beautiful moments                
                                         Gary Graffman, Pianist, Director, The Curtis Institute of Music      
...strong, imaginative and personal playing                       Anton Kuerti, Pianist
... Chitose gave an exquisite, superb recital ...it was a personal joy for me to realize that she is even more impressive in person than I had found her on her recordings.
She was given two standing ovations: one after the Schumann (some day someone will count all the notes there are to play; it must be astronomical) and another after her encore.
While the Schumann was the grand achievement, I found special delight in the grace and charm of the Mozart sonata and the infinite, subtle shadings she brought to eDes pas sur la neigef and eLa fille aux cheveux de linf...                                     George Trautwein, Former Director of Secrest Artist Series

...how wonderfully the repertoire shows off her skill. A terrific record.
                                      Richard Rodzinski, Executive Director of Van Cliburn Foundation

... wonderful recording. Ifm wondering how Miss Okashiro managed  to play the very complicated score of ePoem of Ecstasyf. I must say honestly...itfs a miracle! She is really a big musician and poet of the piano,  especially of its many colors and harmonies.
                                                            Vardo Rumessen, Pianist

... The sound of the piano and the clarity of the Pro Piano recordings really surpass the competition. I am especially taken with Chitose Okashirofs Scriabin. Since I have also performed the complete Etudes Op.42, I have even more respect for her performance. And that transcription is a wonder! Itfs so beautiful. With my small experience in editing I canft imagine how it was accomplished.
                                                          Jean Alexis Smith, Pianist

... Especially Scriabinfs complete Etudes and ePoem of Ecstasyf by 2 pianos are really stunning. As for the Etudes, it seems one can not find more perfectly accomplished CD  than this.  I liked Op.74 personally since there are very few good recordings. Debussy has a wonderful nuance inside a  firmly constructed frame.
                                                  Akira Takaku, Critic, The Art of Records

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